Lure coursing is nice sport that you can do with your sighthound (or any other dog) that simulates a real hare chase. Dogs run over plastic lure in open field.

Dogs that can participate are all breeds of group X, plus Cirneco dell'Etna, Pharaoh Hound, Podenco Canario, Ibizan Hound, Basenji, Podengo Portugues, Rhodesian Ridgeback and Hortaya Borzaya

LC is common in USA, England (AKC) and other european countries that follow FCI rules.


1. sighthunds cannot be trained to chase the lure, they like it or not. some of them figure out very quickly that they run for plastic and stop with chase
2. you have to prepare your dog for coursing and keep him in good shape
3. coursing is great for shy dog - it encourages them to run with other dogs and make their tepmperament stronger
4. it is fun and dogs like it.
5. your dog will not chase more if he attends coursings! but on coursing he can "live it out" without any fear of killing live animal hare or cat. 


LC training in Varaždin, Croatia. 
At start Neva and Azra, and little Zara startinf from behind :)

Training in Varaždin at terrain of Cynological Club. 
Zara at start with 5 months

Zalihvat European Champion 2011 and Soloviev Getman
this is how we want to be when we "grow up"
Photo: Borzoi in Native Land

And now I would like to quote a book called "The complete Borzoi" written by Lorraine Groshans
page 247. first edition, third printing 1989.

"Some people say that they will not course their borzoi for fear of injury. Of course there is always possibility of injury, but there is also a chance of injury running around his own back yard. I had the horrifying experience of watching one of my own borzoi, a champion of only a few weeks, die of a broken neck as he made an abrupt turn running in the excersise paddock. Recently, a friend's afghan broke her leg while in her usual crate for the night. Accidents can happen anywhere, any time. It has been said that less than 5% of coursing injuries result in permanent disability. Many of the more common injuries have been due to improper  or insufficient conditioning."
"Another controversal aspect concerns the effect of coursing on temperament. many fanciers have refused to course their borzoi for fear of adverse effects upon temperament. Lure coursing by its very nature does stimulate a competitive spirit, although often more so in the human than in the canine paricipiants. Those dogs that do exhibit undesirable characteristics, such as interference with other dogs in the course by bumping or attacking them, are either basically unsable or have been unproperly trained for clean coursing....Such a hound should not be coursed as he is hazard to himself and to other dogs in the field."

I have to add that Borzoi and sighthounds in general are very clever breed and I have noticed they can distinguish a prey from other animals (such are small dogs), and since they can live with cats in the same house it is clear that they are too smart to chase everything what moves as many people think.

VERY GOOD VIDEO  ABOUT lc - "What is Lure Coursing?"

Simple rules for LURE COURSING
1. Please make sure your dogs' toenails are clipped short at least 2 days prior to running with us.Toenails that are too long can cause injuries to your dog, so please keep them short.
2. PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR MALE DOGS PEE ON OUR equipment. We have to handle these items and it is not fair to the crew to have dog urine on everything.
3. NO aggressive dogs (to humans or other dogs) allowed. Any dog exhibiting aggression will be asked to leave.
4. NO FEMALE DOGS IN SEASON! We have a number of intact male dogs who run with us, so please wait until your female dogs won't cause a riot! (that can mean up to several weeks after visible signs of heat are gone).
5. ALL dogs are to be kept well under control. Remember - not every dog likes other dogs. Do not let your dog go nose-to-nose with another dog unless you have permission from their owner/handler.
6. If you bring multiple dogs, you must either have a crate for them or have another adult with you to manage the dog that's not running while you're on the field. We don't have the staff to help manage your dogs. No tying dogs to trees, fences, small children, or anything else!
7. Dogs must be managed by an adult at all times.This is for the safety of both the children and the dogs. Not all children have the presence or experience to understand when dogs are posturing or spoiling for a fight. If your child is an experienced dog-handler, please let us know when you get to the field. Otherwise, if we see a child with a dog on a leash and no adult in sight, they'll both be removed until the adult can be located. A large scarlet letter "B" for "BAD" will then be affixed to the adult in a prominent and visible way to be worn for the rest of the day. Just kidding!! But we really don't want any injuries or accidents, so please help us out with this!
8. ALL dogs must be kept ON LEASH at all times unless running the lure. This means leash them up BEFORE you let them out of the car. Again, we really don't want any accidents.
9. NO flexi leads, please - they just aren't safe and you won't be allowed on the field if you're using one. Please use a standard collar and leash.
10. ALL DOGS MUST WARM UP PRIOR TO RUNNING. This means a nice long walk while you're waiting for your turn. Please see our staff if you need assistance.
11. Dogs MUST cool down between runs. This means we'll make you wait for at least 20 minutes between runs (and you need to walk them right afterward). Offer fresh water to your dog.
12. Please pick up after your dog.
13. We know it's exciting, but it is important that you keep your dogs' barking under control
14. If you bring children - please keep them under control as well. Children are only allowed on the course if they're accompanied by an adult while any dog is running, so please keep that in mind. If you want to leave them on the sidelines, you will need to have another adult there to watch them. You can put them in a crate as long as you provide them with water...just kidding!
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