LIFE WITH BORZOI / život s borzoima


When you are purchasing a dog it is most important to get a dog that fits you and your way of life. If you are busy, and dont like walks, dont buy any dog. They need care, they need fresh air and attention.
Borzoi are suitable for individuals or families that have understanding for their quiet and in a way odd temperament. 
They are hunters. If they see something is moving in open field they will run to it.
They are not easy to teach tricks. They will do what you ask from them, but they will not be as thrilled as border collies or GSD when they do it for you.


Borzoi are hunting dogs, and above all they love to run free. It is necessary to provide your borzoi enough running and walking in nature. I never take my dogs to run with bicycle, simply because i think it is not natural for them. I take them to forest, or to field and I unleash them, so they can move as they wish. Borzoi should never be off leash near roads or in the city. They can spot something moving across the street and can escape and be hit by a car. Please unleash them only in safe places, away from roads.

Free run daily makes your sighthound very happy.

Borzoi have a "mind of their own" so it is very important to teach them to come back to your call. Still if they spot a prey they will run to it and you will probably not be able to stop them.
So it is recommended to walk them somewhere where they cannot run to streets and in traffic.
It is very important to bring your young borzoi to parks where he can socialise and play with other dogs. This is very important as some borzoi tend to be shy and if they are not used to contact with other dogs or humans, they could bite from fear.
Borzoi sometimes do not like strangers. If you want to meet borzoi, let them come to you, do not force them to be petted if you see they do not want that.

Sotialization is important!

Nice way to recreate your borzoi is to take him to LURE COURSING trainings. It is also great tool for socialization, as the dog runs with other dogs and play hunt.

Photo: One of trainings in our hometown, 
on local aerport. We train by FCI regulations.


It is important to give your dog quality food.
We feed quality dry food, but also give our dogs fresh meat, cow stomach, fresh bones, rice, vegetables and fruits.

Karat eating raw lamb.

If your dog is healthy you do not have to give him any supplements.
As for treats there is nothing better than cheese, and maybe sliced liver that I put in oven to dry.


You can use quality shampoo and wash your dog carefully in tub, with medium warm water.
Nails you can clip when you think it is necessary - if you take your dog to lure coursing or running in open field, keep the nails clipped short! Too long nails can create injuries.
I also trim hair between fingers in winter.
Borzoi shed alot! So be prepared to have a lot of dog hair in your house! :) I use small comb and all systems slicker brush and brush them every day when they shed.


Borzoi is not aggressive breed! They are difficult to raise, stubborn and need alot of socialization, more shy and emotional then other breeds, but they should not be aggressive to other dogs or humans. If they are provoked by another dog they can react explosively, and temperamentuflly.


Sighthounds are in general very healthy breed. If they do have any genetic problems it is mostly with heart. Responsible breeders make heart ultrasound before the breeding.
Eyes should also be checked before breeding for cataracta and PRA.
Thyroid should be tested, as sighthounds tend to have thyroid problems.
Problem of today borzoi is also degenerative mielopathy (DM). Every breeder should make DM test of their breeding stock. Test is made from blood sample, or cheek swab. This test is simple to make and should not be any excuse for breeder not testing!
Test can tell us so much about dog and can be useful tool in producing long life puppies, and healthy dogs.

If you are buying a borzoi please make sure that you buy one from breeders that make health test. 
Rest is up to you - new owner of a borzoi. Lots of movement, good food and your dog should live long and happy life with you!


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