My dog has a fault

My dog has a fault

Many people buy a dog and they would like to try entering dog shows.
Many novices give up showing or are totally discouraged by other people who evaluate their dogs outside the show ring.

His ears are too big.
His legs are not perfect.
His coat is too short.

That is the point when you look at your dog and feel extremely disappointed. You want to go to shows and now you cannot do it - you don’t have a good dog! 

How wrong.....

First of all - all dogs have faults!! All of them! Even the best awarded champions - yes even they have faults.
In every breed there is a written Standard that describes faults and classifies them as minor faults, severe faults, heavy faults and DISQUALIFYNG faults.
In case you have noticed your dog has a disqualifying fault you can STILL show him but this dog should be (and probably will be) excused from the ring. You have to accept that. Best would be to spay/neuter such dog and not to show him, but keep him as a pet. Very small percent of pure bred dogs, bred by responsible breeders, have such major faults. 

Among others the disqualifying faults are: very aggressive temperament, cryptohism (missing testicles), jaw malocclusions in all breeds, and for respective breeds the disqualifying faults are written in their breed standards.
For example in borzois, the blue color is eliminating (do not mix blue with grey...in blue there are no black hairs!)
Interesting is that this is only written in FCI standard, while in AKC standard this colour is acceptable! 

But remember - all these faults can be seen at 10 weeks of age when you usually take your puppy home from your breeder. So, if you buy a dog for show good and responsible breeder should know what he or she is selling you! 

Remember that you can strongly influence your dog show results by keeping your dog healthy and in good condition. Good trainings, everyday walks and healthy food can make your dog flash in the ring. Dogs that don’t eat well, or don’t have enough movement - look weak, they don’t have muscles and their coat and allover condition is not impressive. 

FCI published regulations that judges should follow in the ring and they are regarding dogs’ general condition and health. So, they should excuse from the ring dogs that are showing signs of some kind of illness. For example, dogs that are abnormally gasping, have breeding problems or eye problems.
Yes, every judge has their own opinion. One day a dog gets BOB and on the second day he is (just) very good. 

How can that be?
There are good and bad judges, and there are good and bad dogs. Remember a show is just a SHOW, a sport! You pay to get opinion of a certain person about your dog. You should ask around about quality of the judge before you show your dog under him/her.
Dog that is healthy, sound and moves well will be awarded even from judges that are not experts for your breed.
Sure, your dog or judge himself can have a bad day.... We have to accept that.
But at the end showing is a sport and nobody can tell you that you cannot show your pedigree dog despite faults because every dog of every breed has them!

So go on and have fun showing and don’t listen to know-it-all people who are so critical. The real friends you will meet in dog world will always look at your dogs from the positive and not the negative side remember that!
See you in the ring!


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