Misunderstanding of LURE COURSING

I was so mad this morning when I looked at the photo on Facebook page of magazine "Borzoi in Native Land" of borzoi running LC....but under the photo the comments were awfull! People were saying that poor dogs were killed after they cannot run anymore, that they are mistreated and that they have to save this poor dogs.
I didnt know how to react on this comments at start I was just shocked. I was wondering why this people are saying this things. Specially because I knew the dogs from photos. There was actuall European Coursing champion on photo, dog in great mental and physical shape. 
Now I wonder why this people are making such conclusions, dont they know russians and other people who participate in LC events appreciate borzoi more then everything?
How can people make this conclusions because they are apsolutely untrue!

Well, there was somethnig else what happened recently. A friend asked me if we bet on Lure Coursing trainings. "Hmmmm, how can you bet on something like that, when we dont even know who was the best" That was my answer, because we didnt have judges on our last training. But even if we did, there are two runs with complicated valuation of each dogs work.
Then I told to my friend that in lure coursing speed is not most important thing. You have to watch also dogs agility, his intelligence and other factors that are creating a picture on how good dog runs. 
How can you bet on something like this?

It was strange question to me, but not to her, and then I realised many people must have been wondering the same question. In fact she was not only one who has asked me that question. This is why I decided to write more about this matter. Because people should be educated and know the difference between hunting with galgos, racing in england and Lure Coursing!

In spain and england dogs are mistreated, killed, drugged and held in awfull conditions. Point of races in england is money, and point of hunting with galgos...well, there is no point, nobody understands this disaster but galgueros, spanish hunters who should be ashamed!
With lure coursing we have opportunuty to recreate our dogs, we can meet in nice surroundings and relaxred athmosphere, where there is no fear that dog will run on street or in woods. It is just a good thing you can do for yourself and your dog.

So, just to explain what is atmosphere on LC events I will put some photos!


As you can see it is nothing but great fun for dogs, nice meetings and recreation. Anyone can do it with their sighthound or any other dog! 

We all have to have patience and educate world around us about this sport and provide enough information to the world to avoid such misunderstandings on lure coursing.


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