Dear Friends!
Karat Dusha got his lure coursing licence 05.09.2010, with 18 months and 2 days of age.
This was EUROCUP, CACIL Dolsko 2010.
It was fantastic experience for us, since we have been on only one lure coursing traing organised by Croatian Sighthounds Club.
Karat was thenn running on straight tracks, not in pair, and without equipment.
In lure coursing having muzzle is necessary, and we have (sadly) no such shops where I could buy it. So our dear friends borrowed us a muzzle and dress. I was at first scared how he will behave having muzzle on his head, but whenn he saw bite he didn't care.
First run he was running with our friend's bitch Hapunka Biskupstwo. Whenn they started he did not understand at first few seconds why is Hapu running beside him, and he looked at her few times wondering what is this all about. Hapu runned very good, and she left him running to the bait. He started to understand soon what he is about to do, cut Hapunka's way, gave speed and came to finnish first killing The bait.
This cutting her way was pretty arogant from him,and he misses team work :))). I guess this is his ego coming out.
We have been waiting for seond runn pretty long, in meantime chatting with our friends and looking the runs of other dogs.
One dog especially cought my eye. It was gorgeous white saluki Eshendi, our
dear friend Inaschah's father. They are both so simmilar and I have to admit both of them most impressive salukis I have seen!
Second run Karat was running alone, was pretty unfocused. He runned correctly, but not giving it all. I know how he looks like running in walks, whenn he is playing with his friends.
It was strage to see him so slow, altdough I have heard comments that he looks fast.
I wonder what they would say if they saw him in field :)))

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