Saturday in Zelina

We hve spended saturday on the picnic in town near Zagreb, called Sv. Ivan Zelina.
We were invited by Croatian Sighound club on lunch, and it was wonderull experience!
The picnic was hold in local Riding Club.
There were other borzois and dogs, ant the lunch was served inside the barn, spit roasted lamb and other delicious home made foods.

Our dogs were enjoining the picnic, and playing with other dogs.
I fell in love with sweet afghani baby Kan-Kan,
she is so sweet, that I wanted to take her home! :)

Kan Kan was friends wit Karat and Aragon, and they were playing in the mud,
running around and stealing leftovers.

Here is Karat trying to defend his bone from Aragon's father Yannick,
and sweet little american girl Phaedra Mala.
Mala has great temper, she is amazing! She and Karat are very much alike,
they are both little wild, allways running and playing around.

After great lunch in stables, we went for little riding!

I have to admit that I was just waching, and holding Karat who was a bit scared of horses.

I just couldnt keep my hands off Kan Kan, she was sooooo cute!

And I guess my brother in law finded a friend too. This is Irish wolfhound Kron.

This amazing afghani male unfortunatelly spended most of the day in his box :(

And this is how our day ended, the boys were so tired that the fell asleep under the table.

This picnic was gread way to sped the day, we were all amazed and
we are hoping to have such great time with our friends
and dogs even more.

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