Borzoi Types Before Revolution 1917

Russian Revolution of 1917, series of events in imperial Russia that culminated in 1917 with the establishment of the Soviet state that became known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). The two successful revolutions of 1917 are referred to collectively as the Russian Revolution.

Before the Revolution there were seven types of Borzoi dogs in Russia.
Six of them were extinguished during the first years of USSR.

Most of today Borzois are descending from Perchino type of borzoi.

Perchino Hunt Standard

HEAD: Long, thin and dry. Eyes large and black. High insertion of the ears.
CONFORMATION: Height 78 cm. Appearance light. Solid skeleton. Sickle-shaped tail.
COAT: light and dark colors. Very dry skin, wavy hair and soft to the touch.
BEHAVIOR: dynamic, courageous and obedient.

The Perchino Castle (Kennel)

Boldarev and Ozerov were other two types of borzois and they were close relatives to Perchinos.


HEAD: Generally straight profile. Sunken eyes. Ears small and mobile.
CONFORMATION: Maximum size - males 76 cm. female - 68 - 74 cm. quite light.
COAT: Often white with orange spots or pale red.
BEHAVIOR: Absent, quick bite strong and courageous.

Ozerov Standard
HEAD: Front wide open. Black eyes. Small ears.
CONFORMATION: Height 78 cm. and more. Skeleton quite thin, but well built and rump width. COAT: Hair thick and rather short.
BEHAVIOR: Brave, strong and smooth jaws.

(or Chelischev) and Samarokov (Sumarokov)- to save the lives of at least some of its kind were used in the new government as workers in a state kennel which previously had confiscated all of them.


HEAD: A model of a very old type.
CONFORMATION: Size: 83 cm. and above.
COAT: The hair is white tip giving a silvery appearance. Skin extremely rich.
BEHAVIOR: Not impulsive, courageous and poignant.

HEAD: Long and straight profile. Clear eyes. Truffle and pink eyelids.
CONFORMATION: Size: 76 - 78 cm. Long tail.
COAT: white, orange spots. Thick hair.
BEHAVIOR: Violent and biting.

Borzoi type Gejerov and Bibikov (Bivikov) (entirely extincted)


HEAD: Lack of length with the straight profile. Clear Eyes. Ears low.
CONFORMATION: Maximum Height: 74 cm.
COAT: Black with fire marks, or dark red. Coat little thick, hard skin.
BEHAVIOR: Very brave and remarkably poignant.
BIVIKOV and GEJEROV were the first extinguished.

HEAD: Lack of distinction. Eyes rather small. ears Inserted behind .
CONFORMATION: Maximum Height: 74 cm. Solid structure.
COAT: Hair up quite variable ranging from hard and rough colors.
BEHAVIOR: Violent and biting.


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